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Construction Quality

Structural Integrity


Quality construction begins with a safe and secure foundation. 


At 20 Camino Alto, fifty four caissons were used to support the home  with ten caissons below the pool and hot tub alone.

Wood frame and steel beams were used to further ensure the strength and stability of the construction.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient construction helps lower energy bills, reduce environmental impact and increases homeowner comfort.  With this in mind the residence at 20 Camino Alto features open cell sprayed insulation throughout the interior and exterior walls for maximum thermal protection.  Even the wine room has closed cell insulation to keep the temperature stable and the vino chilled to perfection.


The beautifully designed facade windows and doors as well as those in the wine room are from well-known SoCal exceptional craftsman,  Pinky’s, favored by interior designers and tv shows like Bravo and HGTV.  Western double glazed windows & doors are used throughout the rest of the home which ensure the residence is air-tight and extremely quiet.

Since the home builder of 20 Camino Alto is also the owner, they had a personal stake in the development and take great pride in their work. As a result, quality construction and attention to detail is evident throughout the home.

The owner/developer of this home has close to two decades of construction expertise-check out their story and discover their upcoming projects in the Santa Barbara area.

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